Welcome to the Diary for Russian people living in Vietnam

Vietnam is attracting every year more and more tourists. Some of them will stay here a couple of weeks and others will decide to settle down for a few months. Those foreigners may become Vietnam residents and they can face some question regarding to the travel, insurance, tax questions.

Informations to help tourists and Russian citizens who move to Vietnam

More and more Russian are moving to Vietnam (Nha Trang, Mui Ne) to get retired or launch a business. Our blog is made to honest information and feedback about different questions those foreigners could ask before coming to Vietnam.

Health insurance, bank account, find a job, invest as a foreigner

Many foreigners living in Vietnam are facing problems related to their personal situation regarding to their home country (taxes), opening a reliable bank account (in Vietnam) to pay their daily expenses or even invest, and find an affordable health insurance providing good healthcare. All those problems are issues that expat as French and Russian are facing because of the lack of information provided by companies in Vietnam.

French expat living in Vietnam : work, get retired, ...

When we meet expat living in Vietnam, the other very popular nationality is French. Because of the history of Vietnam (ex French colony decades ago), more and more French people move to Vietnam to work or live for their retirement plan.

There is a lack of information regarding to issues foreigners can face when they decide to live in Vietnam a couple of years : visa, taxes, health insurance, bank account ... In a view to help them finding the right information to :

Move to live in Vietnam offers a lot of opportunities for expat as French and Russian and things are changing referring to investment. So keep a look to the country so you may see opportunities in business, work and investment in the next years.